See What You Think

A visual method for turning opportunities into reality.


“To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan… believe… act!”

~ Alfred A. Montapert

This recipe has been in development since I was a Chef for the Jesuits in Santa Barbara when I was 30. It was the subject of my TEDx talk and combines several familiar concepts into an easy to follow method.

I have used this technique on a wide variety of problems, and I have not found a situation that the recipe can’t adapt itself to. This approach works for personal challenges as well as achieving organizational objectives.

See What You Think

Frequently you need someone along an unknown path to guide you. Think of me as your sherpa. Most likely I've been down the same path, whether it's how you better connect with your community and those around you,  tell your story so more people hear your message or figure which foot to put in front of the other as you embark on a new journey. As we say before we step onto the stage, "I got your back."


Begin with a breath

Neuroscience tells us that when you center yourself and take a breath, you create a space where your brain can make good, clean decisions.


Dive in and Discover

When faced with a challenge or opportunity, spending time capturing the simple, who - what - when - where - how of the situation is vital for success.


Cluster the Chaos

We'll collaboratively chunk the results of discovery into manageable groups. This step helps us find gaps and missing pieces at the same time.



This step creates a path, a roadmap to the expected goal or outcome. Visually putting each item on the path and setting up milestones makes the journey real.


Get up and Go

To reach your goal, you need to commit to taking the first step and celebrating. Then commit to the next step and so on. Sounds easy, and maybe the most challenging of the steps.

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