I'm Mark Sylvester.

My favorite day is one spent working on interesting problems and finding creative ways to solve them visually.


I'm Mark Sylvester.

My favorite day is one spent working on interesting problems and finding creative ways to solve them visually.

The next time you feel overwhelmed by the scope of a great challenge, I've developed a simple five-step recipe that uses creativity to picture your path so you’ll own the outcome. I call it See What You Think.



We've been leading organizations towards creating better connections since 2003. We believe that relationships are where we should be focusing our energy. There are many clever ways to accomplish this. We can help.



Keeping your audience connected and engaged is an ongoing challenge. We've found that creating conversational content is an easy and compelling strategy to solve that problem. We can help.



Maybe you're looking to create something no one has ever seen before, start an organization to work on a vital issue or work with your community to create an event that celebrates ideas like TEDx. We can help.




Years ago I abandoned the idea of putting values up for all to see. Instead, I call them Observable Behaviors and reflect each week to see if I can find an example of how they'd been put into practice. Do you have values that you can see in action? These are mine:

Solve problems visually.

Cultivate emotional intelligence.

Stay curious. Forever.

Show up. Be present. Listen loudly.

Make every moment memorable.

  • Before working with Mark my business wasn’t a business, it was a disorganized mess. I’d wake up, decide what was easiest to do on my immediate list and do that. My business was going nowhere without the road map Mark helped me create, I actually didn’t even know where to begin and was completely overwhelmed by the process. Last month I brought in over $20,000 as a solo coach. This time last year I was averaging $600 a month. I don’t have a lot more to say other than the proof is in the paycheck.

    Traver Boehm Founder
  • Mark has been a trusted mentor, advisor and partner for many years. Recently, we decided to launch a podcast series, Mark was instrumental in architecting the design and execution of the entire production. Marc also created our podcast roadmap, which candidly was the hardest thing for us to do – knowing where to start.

    Ken Sterling CMO at BigSpeak

See What You Think

Frequently you need someone along an unknown path to guide you. Think of me as your sherpa. Most likely I've been down the same path, whether it's how you better connect with your community and those around you,  tell your story so more people hear your message or figure which foot to put in front of the other as you embark on a new journey. As we say before we step onto the stage, "I got your back."


Begin with a breath

Neuroscience tells us that when you center yourself and take a breath, you create a space where your brain can make good, clean decisions.


Dive in and Discover

When faced with a challenge or opportunity, spending time capturing the simple, who - what - when - where - how of the situation is vital for success.


Cluster the Chaos

We'll collaboratively chunk the results of discovery into manageable groups. This step helps us find gaps and missing pieces at the same time.



This step creates a path, a roadmap to the expected goal or outcome. Visually putting each item on the path and setting up milestones makes the journey real.


Get up and Go

To reach your goal, you need to commit to taking the first step and celebrating. Then commit to the next step and so on. Sounds easy, and maybe the most challenging of the steps.

These days everyone wants a one-click solution to life. We want someone else to solve our problems. Guess what? When you decide to own the problem, you will reach your goals. I can help.

Let's have a Conversation.

I find that it's much easier for us to have a quick call to find out how I can help you. To set one up, just let me know how to contact you and a note about what you'd like to talk about. We'll be in touch within 24 hours.

If you need me quicker, add "URGENT" in the notes.