Are you looking for an innovative way to build an audience?



Are you looking for an innovative way to build an audience?

We create engaging conversations that people don’t forget.

Here are the three things you need to understand about podcasting.


Podcasting is a great addition to your content marketing strategy.


Podcasts are becoming part of the mainstream media makeup.


They combine the intimacy of the human voice with time-shift listening.

People are turning to podcasting to better communicate their story.

Podcasts connect listeners worldwide to fascinating people they want to know better. The conversational format encourages open, honest talks that engage the audience. Audiences feel like they are in the room with amazing thought leaders.

Every show reminds your listeners to the value of the podcast. Each episode builds trust and authority with your audience. Easily integrate episodes into your website and social media. Reach global audiences quickly and efficiently.

The Five P's of Podcasting

A recipe for a successful show

Developing podcasts for niche audiences is another one of the interesting problems that I love to solve. Whether we are creating an entire communications platform or consulting to help you start your show, we've figured out the recipe for success. 


Plan a show that meets the objectives, values, and goals of your listeners. We start by understanding what you and your audience want from a show.

We determine things like format, strategy, content, length, financial issues, and what you can expect from the effort you'll be putting into your show.


Attention to detail makes for a quality audio experience for your audience.

The production of the show can go from us recommending equipment so you can do-it-yourself all the way to in-studio audio production. The show format will guide how much production goes into each episode, from a light touch conversational style to a tightly edited, scripted series.


Be easy to find on popular networks like iTunes, Google, and Spotify.

Once your show is complete, we need to get it out to the world. This includes podcasting networks and SEO-friendly web pages. There are tricks to optimizing your show, which contains detailed show notes, transcriptions, calls to action and customized show graphics


Getting your show to the right audience is a critical strategy. We can help.

We can advise on this step or take care of everything for you. You can take the finished show and push it out to your social channels, or have our team work their magic and drive new audiences based on targeted advertising.


Working with friends of your podcast is an effective growth strategy.

We help you determine how to leverage your network of partnerships to find channels that amplify your message and get your show more exposure. This is also an excellent strategy for guest selection and a way to offer visibility to key clients.


"I think that with podcasts, a lot of things are about fostering and having a direct connection with the community."

~ Chelsea Peretti


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Mark has been a trusted mentor, advisor and partner for many years. Recently, we decided to launch a podcast series, Mark was instrumental in architecting the design and execution of the entire production. Marc also created our podcast roadmap, which candidly was the hardest thing for us to do - knowing where to start.

Ken Sterling


Before working with Mark my business wasn’t a business, it was a disorganized mess. I’d wake up, decide what was easiest to do on my immediate list and do that. My business was going nowhere without the road map Mark helped me create, I actually didn’t even know where to begin and was completely overwhelmed by the process. Last month I brought in over $20,000 as a solo coach. This time last year I was averaging $600 a month. I don’t have a lot more to say other than the proof is in the paycheck.

Traver Boehm

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